Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boutique Hotel Design In Miami | The Villa By Barton G Miami Beach

The Villa By Barton G., a boutique hotel, restaurant and events space, was born as Casa Casuarina in 1930, built by architect, philanthropist, author and political reformer Alden Freeman as an homage to the oldest existing house in the western hemisphere, the "Alcazar de Colon" in Santo Domingo.

In 1937, after Freeman's death, Casa Casuarina was bought by Jacques Amsterdam, who renamed it "The Amsterdam Palace." Operated as an apartment building, it housed artists attracted by its architectural curiosity.

In 1992, couturier Gianni Versace first encountered Casa Casuarina. Versace exquisitely restored, expanded, and embellished its features, adding the south wing, the pool and garden areas.

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