Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hotel in a desert | Desert Lodge | Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

is the result of collective thinking of international tourism experts - people who like outdoor life, nature and the beauty of the desert. For this reason the WADI Co. was founded which runs under Egyptian-Swiss management, a holding company, introducing a new concept of desert lodges in the Egyptian desert.
Our Lodge is built in the traditional style of the local architecture and situated on top of a nearby cliff. You will be startled by the quietness and the splendid view, overlooking the unique village of Al Qasr and the distant sand dunes of the Sahara desert.
Al Qasr, which is under protection of the Dept. of Heritages, is one of the many little villages, belonging to the Governorate of the Dakhla Oasis

Design Architect:Khaled Etman
Construction Architect: Khaled Lotfy

For reservation and further information visit lodge's website

Son Gener Hotel | Majorca, Spain | Toni Esteva

Architect/Designer:Toni Esteva

Son Gener is one of the most charming deluxe rural hotels in Majorca. You will find a reformed rustic farm house dating back to the XVIII century and surrounded by an exceptional environment.

The spa and treatment therapy complete what this hotel has to offer where you can enjoy the luxurious side of rural tourism in the Balearic's.

For reservation and further information visit hotel's website

Apostrophe Hotel | Paris, France

This is the story of a family who has a dream. And who realizes its dream. It is the story of a man & two women with enthusiasm, and their project : creating a Parisian hotel as it has never seen. Mr and Mrs Gatien, the owners and their daughter Isabelle Lozano, form a team in which roles are shared, ideas fuse, the desire to materialize.
The experience of the hotel family, culture, imagination, creative will and sense of hospitality is the foundation on which this adventure was built.

Designer-photographer: Sandrine Alouf
Architect: Vincent Bastie
Painter: Catherine Feff

For Resrvations and more information visit hotel's website

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Artus Hotel | Paris, France | Pierre Seignol

A member of Design Hotels, the ARTUS HOTEL is located in the heart of Paris historical centre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, within easy walking distance of famous landmarks, art galleries, and antique shops.
After complete renovation, it offers originality in style and character for the most demanding travellers, with high level of comfort and services.
Relax in the sauna after a long working or shopping day, or just sit in the lounge with a glass of champagne and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the place. Ponder over the art sculptures exhibited in the lobby…and let yourself be charmed.

Architect/Designer:Pierre Seignol

Further information and reservations visit hotel's website.
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