Monday, October 18, 2010

Design Hotel In Greece | Semiramis Hotel, Athens,Greece Designed By Karim Rashid

Semiramis is a fusion of designer Karim's vision and owner Dakis Joannou's own dedication to the modern art world. The 52-room boutique hotel celebrates the changes in Athens while meeting the needs of 21st century travelers. It is a mélange of technology, art, and a sensibility of infosthetics. Entering the hotel, guests pass through a glowing colored glass cube that leads into the lobby, where color-changing glass walls radiate with subtle motion. The organic-shaped pool area and its flowing, curved landscaped decks are designed for daytime lounging and, as night falls, lighting changes to suit a buzzing social scene. Guest rooms have frosted glass bathrooms and closets, allowing daylight to penetrate the entire room and making the spaces feel larger. Wall corners are curved for a softer feeling, while colorful carpeting is inlaid into white glossy epoxy floors. Backlit headboards feature original artwork by Karim and Megan Lang. From architecture and interiors down to the uniforms, stationary, and shampoo bottles, everything in the hotel is designed by Karim.

Client: Dakis Joannou
Facilities: 52 bedrooms, Restaurant, Lounge, Conference Center, Gym and Spa.
Area: 12,000 sqm
Budget: € 23 million

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